365 Quotes to Accelerate Your Career & Find Balance in Life

I have been very fortunate in my career to have met and worked with a lot of people, made a lot of mistakes and had the odd success. I am also very conscious that the modern generation is bombarded with information, but they typically have very short attention spans.

Accordingly, I wrote a book called 365 Quotes to Accelerate Your Career and Find Balance in Life, filled with the wisdom I’ve gleaned throughout my career and life. But to make the advice stick, it’s all shared in the form of short, easy-to-digest personal quotes, as well as from famous figures, innovators and business leaders. Some of the quotes have their own illustrations, making them even more memorable. And it all came together with an all-female editorial and design team.

The book was released in June 2022 and has had some exciting PR to date. Take a look at the book’s review page on NetGalley. It already has some outstanding 5-star ratings. One editor also shared, “I love this book so much that I created a Google document to keep the quotes I resonated with, so I have them handy to share with others. I highly recommended the book to anyone who loves quotes.”

Often, we wonder what to give children, grandchildren and friends that will be interest and of use to them and not expensive. 365 Quotes to Accelerate Your Career and Find Balance in Life is the perfect gift, full of advice that can inspire new graduates, those who are changing jobs or starting their own businesses , or even executives who have reached the pinnacle of their careers.

Make Your Mark in the Workplace - How to Build your Personal Brand
“Drawing on my observations, learnings, and experience in global marketing and senior management, I thought I would put into words some simple hard truths about the requirements for success in the world of business.” – James Espey OBE

With over fifty years of experience in managing and developing top global brands such as Baileys and Malibu, James Espey has harnessed and refined his wisdom into 100 bite-sized tips that reveal what it really takes to be successful in the world of business.

His clear, down-to-earth advice will help readers at all stages of their career; from novices to middle-management, and from start-up entrepreneurs to Chief Executives…anyone looking to progress their career in business should have this book on their desk.

Easy to dip in and out of, or read cover to cover, James’ advice gives readers encouragement to help them achieve business success and career fulfillment…and pushes them to make their mark on the world, wherever and however they work.