“This book is based on everything I have learnt from 50 years of business – good and bad. It is written to help people avoid mistakes, do the right thing and accelerate their careers.”


The style is light with short chapters and illustrations where appropriate, but the objective is very serious. It is available on Amazon in Kindle or paper back (recommended) here

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Some Testimonials ...


‘Having known James Espey for over 25 years, I have seen at first hand his endless enthusiasm and many achievements in business.  Making Your Marque brings together all his experiences gained in a long and very successful career, which will benefit many in an easy-to-read manner.’

ANTHONY FULLER, Chairman, Fuller, Smith & Turner PLC (1982-2007)


‘I have had the good fortune to have known and indeed worked with James over many years.  He is a truly a lateral thinker and an extraordinarily able communicator.  These largely verbal skills are often hard to transmit in writing.  This book shows that James fully succeeds in both.  A great and instructive read.’  

SIR GEORGE BULL, Joint Chairman, Diageo PLC (1997-1998)


‘The most important brand that everyone must learn to manage is themselves.  James Espey was both stylish and successful in his career and this guide offers shrewd marketing advice to executives at all stages of their business life cycle.’       

HUGH BURKITT, Former Chief Executive, The Marketing Society.


‘James is an inspirational figure – he is uniquely gifted with his ability to convey complex messages via simple motivational and, where appropriate, emotive language.  I have worked for and with James over the past 25 years – this book captures how he thinks, works and operates ... his passion for life and work is very infectious.’     

MIKE KEILLER, CEO, Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd.  (2001 – 2015)


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A must read for young professionals!

The book is easy to follow- you can dip in and out of chapters that you think are most relevant to you at the time. If you're young and just starting your professional career like me then I would definitely recommend you read this!

The Start of your Career

As someone in the early stages of their professional career having graduated from University this book is a fantastic read. I personally found it far easier to digest than other similar books I've read which often fail to overcome this hurdle when engaging younger people. There are numerous snippets of wisdom that I have taken from reading this and I am grateful to have read it at such an early stage in my working life. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in a similar position to me in life for sure.

Pearls of Wisdom

This book provides a pearl of wisdom for every situation you are likely to encounter in your career. It lists one hundred bite-sized advice capsules, based on decades of Espey having got it right (or learning from having got it wrong) with engaging personal anecdotes to illustrate each lesson learned. They are helpfully arranged in chronological order, so you can easily find the right one for every moment from getting your first job to planning your retirement.

Espey’s writing is friendly, accessible and enjoyable and the book is wonderfully easy to dip into and out of, or it can comfortably be read from cover to cover. You can then reflect back later when the occasion arises, or deftly offer Solomon-like counsel to your colleagues.

We all aspire to stand on the shoulders of the giants who have gone before us. This book will equip you to do just that, with the privileged counsel of one of the leading business sages of his generation.


A Fun book that (re)-educates us on winning ways to business success

Great Book, as its chapters educate and remind us why we do business...and do it the right way!
Found it a handy book to read on board flights as its chapters lend themselves to my two hour flights...and easy to pick right up.

Will have to pass on my book to my partners...