I was born in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia and am very conscious that there are lots of poor people fetching water from unprotected hand-dug wells or river beds. Accordingly, there is a high prevalence of water borne diseases, particularly amongst the young, with women and girls walking long distances to fetch water, consuming time and energy and preventing them from going to school.

Personally and through the company I co-founded, The Last Drop Distillers, we are working with Just a Drop charity to sponsor some 300 people through the drilling of a borehole to reach clean water, providing a water pump in an accessible location and educating the community on hygiene and sanitation.

Just a Drop works in remote regions across the globe, but we have focused our attention on Zambia which is naturally close to our heart. This is only the beginning and we intend to contribute towards other water holes - and I look forward to visiting in due course.


Now villagers have a water supply that is sustainable and will provide water for many years to come. Villagers have been trained in borehole maintenance and repair and financial management, putting them in a much better position to help themselves, rather than rely on aid hand-outs.

The charity will monitor the project for seven years, to ensure the full impact is achieved. One of those to benefit is Perthius Malisopo, who was unable to go to college because both his parents died and has to provide for his wife, daughter and sister-in-law by small-scale farming. He used to cycle one hour each way to get water for his crops. Another beneficiary is Winwell Nkombalume, who has two children. The nearest water source used to be 4km from his home and was an open well, with dirty and contaminated water shared with animals. Do look up the web site and any contribution will be warmly welcome.