The Espey Trust

The Espey Family & Friends Scholarship, South African College School, Cape Town
The first Espey Scholar, starting January 2019, is Thulile Dodwana, seen here with his parents. They live in a small, rural village in the Transkei, Eastern Cape.

The Espey family is pleased to provide a full scholarship – covering Boarding, school fees and all other requirements – for a worthy candidate from a disadvantaged background. The criteria for selection are that the candidate must be reasonably bright, like sport and possess healthy ambition.

Since 1950 some 14 members of the Espey family (including some at present!) and many friends have enjoyed or are enjoying the advantage of a great SACS education. We feel it is time to give back and help find future leaders in South Africa. If you would like to know more or to join in this worth cause please get in touch.