James and Tom Jago, his long term partner and friend who sadly passed away earlier this year, spent most of their commercial careers building and/or creating volume brands for multinational companies.

Large international companies, understandably, are interested in volume and certainly not in marketing the odd barrel of whisky or cognac or whatever it might be. There have always been tiny quantities of non-commercial nuggets of Scotch whisky and other spirits sleeping quietly in warehouses. The impact of wood and time have an enormous influence on the character and taste of such spirits, with some amazing gems often being wasted because they are blended down to meet younger age criteria for international volume brands.
Accordingly, in their retirement they decided to see if we could create one last brand on their own without any resources whatsoever and thus they registered the company “The Last Drop Distillers Limited” and the slogan “Before there is no more”.

Tapping their contacts and going back to basics they acquired interesting parcels of old but fresh, limited quantities of predominantly whisky as well as a little Cognac.

James went back to the start of his career as a salesman and visited the United States, China and other markets, hand selling wherever he went, as well as networking the UK to find trade buyers initially who would be interested in this exciting proposition.


James has always believed that it takes 10 years to build a serious brand and patience and tenacity are virtues. The only good sales are repeat sales and slowly but surely The Last Drop Distillers has established its marque as the most "exclusive spirits collection" in the world.

The authoritative Jim Murray Whisky Bible has given high ratings to every single release and indeed in 2016 the 50 year old Double Matured Blended Scotch Whisky (only 898 bottles) got a 97 rating and was voted the best blended Scotch Whisky in the world.

In January 2017 The Last Drop Distillers Limited launched the smallest release ever – 32 bottles of a 1961 Single Grain from the closed Dumbarton Distillery.

The company is now run by James and Tom’s daughters, Beanie and Rebecca. Together with the wider The Last Drop team, they continue hunting for unique offerings and have exciting plans for the future.

In September 2016 the company was acquired by Sazerac Limited, the largest private liquor company in the United States. with great global ambition and it is intended that The Last Drop will be the pinnacle brand in their growing empire.

As a consumer, if you ever buy or receive a bottle of The Last Drop, consider yourself extremely fortunate for not only is it likely to increase considerably in value but remember, it is very limited, hence the slogan “Before there is no more”. 

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